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Tool design plays a crucial role in the automotive industry, as it directly impacts the efficiency, quality, and robustness of manufacturing processes. The automotive sector relies heavily on specialised tools and equipment to fabricate, assemble, and test various components and systems. From the initial design stages to the production line, tool design is a critical element that ensures the smooth operation and optimisation of the manufacturing process.

How can we help?

We offer various solutions for tool design:

  • Injection mold
  • Injection compression mold
  • Blow mold
  • Die casting mold
  • Vacuum forming mold

Tool manufacturing and Trails

Our goal is to provide services throughout the entire cycle, from part design to mold design and manufacturing, trials, product quality confirmation, and finally production.

Our partners have been manufacturing tools used in global automobile manufacture for over 20 years. Goldfinch has a well established and trusted relationship with all areas of the tooling business.

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